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Graphic Whizard GW8000 Perf/Slit/Score/Numbering Machine – 052621021235

S/N: E1509302

Numbering Machine Description

The Model GW 8000 can number on single sheets (12# bond to 12 point card or 45 to 250 gsm paper) or multi-part carbonless forms (up to 10 parts) while simultaneously perforating, slitting and/or scoring. With proper set-up, 8000 sheets per hour (8.5” x 11” stock with one hit) can be quickly and identically processed. The Model GW 8000 is microprocessor controlled, making it easy to set up and program. It has the programmability to hold a maximum of 99 jobs with 10 hits and 1 job with 100 hits. These jobs can all be stored and recalled for future use. The unique friction feeder sends through one set at a time, even from the unglued side of a padded set. Perforations are done between the register board and main rollers, producing a straight perforation, slit or score, avoiding tail whip. Perforating wheels are offered in a wide range of teeth configurations and can be quickly changed using the retaining ring pliers supplied. A photocell recognizes the lead edge of the sheet and the microprocessor stops the sheet at the specific location(s) where numbers are required. The numbering heads allow for a maximum of four pneumatically driven units. Pneumatics allows for non-stop, tireless operation. Finished stock is then delivered to an exit tray.