Graphic Whizard 460A PUR Perfect Binder – 042224000455A

Model: PB460A

S/N: 2608017

The 460A PUR perfect binder combines all of the great features of our EVA hot melt adhesive binders with the innovative PUR (reactive polyurethane) binding.

  • 460 cycles/hour
  • 208-230V 1phase / 20A
  • Maximum Binding Length: 18.1” (46cm)
  • Maximum Binding Thickness: 2.25” (6cm)


Excellent for tacking tough adhesive binding jobs
High quality immediate (green) tack
Rapid achievement of final bond strength
Unparallelled adhesion to many surfaces
Long lasting shelf life
 Inceased flexibility
Lay flat friendliness


Electrical 208-230V 1phase / 20A
Cycle Speed 460 cycles/hour
Max Binding Length 18.1” (46cm)
Max Binding Thickness 2.25” (6cm)
Notching Double layer (24 blades)
Dimensions Length: 62” (156 cm)
Width: 29” (72 cm)
Height: 51” (130 cm)
Weight 650 lbs (294 kg)
Clamping of Sheets Electric Fully automatic
Clamping of Cover Electric
Side Gluing Yes, nozzle extrusion
Cover Insertion Manual
Warm up Time 20-30 minutes
LCD Display 5″ color touchscreen
Padding Mode No
Dust Extraction Vacuum, enclosed

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