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GP2 Technologies SC-2 AUTOCASE Automatic Case Maker – 082021112050

S/N: SC2-00482

With zero size change the Autocase does not require highly skilled operators or maintenance personnel.
Our proven technology allows our customers to plan their production, day in and day out.
Our customers produce virtually every turned edge product type using all types of cover material, boards and adhesives in run counts from one cover to five hundred or more.
The SC-3 Autocase offers superior payback compared to alternative methods of automation or manual production based on cost to purchase, labor savings, zero scrap and reliable production output.

The Operator Interface PC/Touchscreen is repre- sentative of the advanced technology built into the Autocase and not found on other
entry or mid level bindery equipment.
The SC-3 control system further exemplifies our commitment to “user” friendly, simple to operate casemakers. Connectivity to the internet allows for remote diagnostics, access to instructional videos, and fast, accurate support.
The Corner Trimmer Option accurately and automatically trims the Corners from the cov- er material during the casemaking operation. This feature streamlines production for On- Demand and Ultra Short Run applications while providing high quality, uniform
corners on every cover—even in runs of one!

The standard SC-3 is equipped for seamless integration with all Cover-1 System compo- nents to provide additional POD hardcover automation. Because of the modular design, you may grow your investment to achieve greater automation and increased efficiency by integrating material preparation and deliv- ery for hardcover runs down to one.

Operating Speed: Up to 300 cycles / hour
Make ready time: Zero
Operators: One
Operator Interface: Touchscreen
Case Gage: Built in
Case Size: 6.62” – 16” Height 8.62” – 26” Width* *28” Without Corner Trimmer
Board Thickness: .060” – .125” Padded board up to .25”
Spine Thickness: up to board thickness
Spine Width: .25” – 3.25”
Electrical: 230 V, Single phase 50/60 Hz, 6 Amp
Compressed Air: 2cfm @ 80 psi
Machine weight: Approx. 900 lbs Specifications are subject to change or revision

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