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GMP Surelam III-540 Trade Roll Hot Laminator – 040921090450

The Surelam III-540 is manufactured in South Korea. Grand Valley-Direct includes stand with locking castors. Stand is made in Canada. By adding the stand we have made this laminator fit commercial sized rolls of film both top and bottom for much better selection of film. Now you can order ScuffProof or Karess films and run 2-sided jobs with large 3″ core commercial rolls. Less reloading, more laminating and faster to market! Add on our new optional (Made in Canada) micro adjust feeding guide for really precise feeding applications ($ 295.00). Add on our EasyCutter 550 sheet cutter to finish off the job! EasyCutter 550 attaches to Surelam III-540 with registration bar for precise final sheet trimming. The most cost effective commercial lamination system on the market today! Optional thick films upgrade available ($ 295.00 upgrade). If you are running mainly heavy gauge films then we recommend ordering this option. 1/2 speed gearbox is installed to allow slower start speeds for more even heat output. Note: With thick films it is best to start laminating slow and slowly speed up laminator to ensure the heated rollers remain heated for maximum productivity. With the oversized heaters on the Surelam III-540 and 220 volt input we are seeing really fast heat recovery making it faster than laminators priced more than 2 times higher! Typically the best laminators for running 10 mil films were heat shoe design laminators because of the fast heat recovery. But they have always caused film scratching. As the heated 10 mil plastic slides across the teflon coated heat shoe some hair line scratches result. As the heat shoes wear the scratches get worse. With our super fast heat recovery technology we can now offer this incredible heated roller system for heavy gauge films! Because the heated rollers turn with the film the scratching problem is eliminated.

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  • The Surelam III 540 is our top selling commercial 1 and 2 sided laminator!
  • Up to 21″ lamination width
  • Adjustable de-curl control for 1 sided lamination.
  • Independent top and bottom heat control.
  • Auto shut off feature for peace of mind.
  • Up to 22′ per minute lamination speed (varies depending on paper stock, print coverage and film selection).
  • 220 volt/15 amp power
  • Made in South Korea
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