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GMP Protopic III-540 Dual Photo Laminator – 071222000390B

For Sleeking™ or Silver Halide Replacement photo production, the Protopic™ III-540 Dual is an outstanding on-demand laminator. The Protopic™ III-540 Dual features a high-gloss chrome roller for heating and bonding of thermal laminates. The easy-to-use control center features 13 job memory program for automatic temperature and speed-set up on specific jobs. The roller has a highly accurate temperature sensor for heat control.

The unit features the Lay and Play™ table for simplified feeding, which automatically adjusts the gap for stock overlap. On the delivery side, the separator (also known as the bursting unit), ensures smooth and seamless film separation. The Protopic™ III-540 Dual Photo runs at speeds of 15’-20’ per minute for SHR™ Photo Embossing and Sleeking™, and up to 49’ per minute for standard film laminating. Maximum sheet size is 21”W x 31”L.

S/N: AG00336K


  • Dimensions: 79″L x 31.5″W x 26″H
  • Max. Laminating Speed: (Single Sided Lamination – 49’/min) (Single Sided SHR – 20’/min)
  • Laminating Films: Nobelus Platinum, PolyPro, Nypro, and SHR OPP
  • Substrate Weight: 120-300 g/m^3
  • Power Requirements: AC 220V~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 3.45kW/15A
  • Warm Up Time: 7min
  • Heating System: Dual Infared Heating Technology
  • Air Compressor: 1HP, 0.6mPa, 89L/min
  • Laminating Temperature: Max 302F
  • Pressure Control: Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Film Core: 3″
  • Cooling Device: DC Cooling Fan 5 Set Top and Bottom Roller

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