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GMP Protopic Auto-540 Quatro-Slit Laminating System – 011120080705

GMP Protopic Auto-540 Quatro-Slit Laminating System

S/N AE00444K

Laminating System Features

^ Superlative versatile laminator for duplex gloss lamination duplex photo matting, media slit lamination
^ Automatic paper feeding gap control system and automatic burst cutting system
^ Slide type paper loading table – easy to handle papers
^ Ergonomic capacitive touch screen (user friendly design)
^ One of 6 photo matting rollers included or customized pattern can be ordered
^ Air compressor and vacuum pump included
^ Air cooling system for perfect photo matting effect
^ Exchangeable/commonized PCB

Max. Laminating speed
^slit book lamination : 5 m/min
^single glossy lamination : 15 m/min
^duplex glossy lamination : 7 m/min
^single photo matting : 3 m/min
^duplex photo matting : 3 m/min
Laminating films POLYNEX, PERFEX, NYLONEX,
Substrate weight 120 ~ 300 g/㎡
Laminating roller diameter t: Φ100, B: Φ80
Photo matting roller diameter t: Φ100, B:Φ100
Pull roller diameter φ54
Power requirement AC 220V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption ^house power : 3.45kW / 15A
^3 phase : 5.6kW / 24A (order made)
Warm up time 7 min
Heating system dual Infrared heating technology
Air compressor 1 HP, 0.6mPa, 89L/min 2 HP, 0.6mPa, 19L/min
Vacuum pump – 250w 120 L/min
Laminating temperature max. 150℃ (302℉)
Temperature control capacitive touch screen
Speed control capacitive touch screen
Display “temperature, speed, paper length,
burst position ”
Pressure control pneumatic cylinder
Film core 77 mm (3”)

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