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Glunz & Jensen iCtP PlateWriter 2500 – 071423000139A

Joining our second and third generations of iCtPTM systems, the PlateWriterTM 2500 is positioned as a mid-range unit, supporting a wider range of plate sizes and formats than the PlateWriterTM 2000. Like the entire range of PlateWriterTM systems, it delivers press ready aluminum plates without the use of chemical processing, for a wider range of litho offset presses. Setting new standards in the cost, flexibility and speed the PlateWriterTM 2500 delivers plates for all 2-up press and most 4-up presses by applying a patented Liquid DotTM image on to non-photosensitive aluminum printing plates. The imaged plates are then manually fed through an integrated finishing unit that dries the plates and bonds the liquid dots to the plate surface. The PlateWriterTM’s semi-automated plate registration system provides a versatile plate handling approach. This means multiple plate sizes and gauges can be used with no changes. Of course the real advantage of iCtPTM is reduced time making plates, and the fact that the accurate digital plates reduce “time to fit” on press, not to mention the daylight operation and chemistry free approach which makes iCtPTM the ideal low maintenance plate making solution. In addition, there are several possible upgrade options available for the PlateWriterTM 2500 to increase the maximum plate sizes, increase the imaging speed and upgrade the registration mechanisms.

Imaging device 10 x 360 Ultra high definition imaging array

(3600 dual density nozzles delivering up to 2880 dpi )

Imaging fluid Patented Liquid Dot™ technology
Plate type Uncoated grained and anodized aluminum plate, optimized

for iCtP™ (All 1 and 2-up and a few 4-up formats)

Plate thickness Aluminum 0.15-0.30 mm (6, 8 and 12 gauge)
Max plate size (W x L) 550 x 650 mm (21.7 x 25.6”)
Max imaging size (W x L) 544 x 633 mm (21.4 x 24.9”)
Plate registration Standard manual sidebar register
Plate finishing Automated integral gumming system
Imaging resolution 1440 x 1440 dpi or 2880 x 2880 dpi
Imaging speed 5:43 min/plate (400 x 511 mm / 15.7 x 20.1”)

8:45 min/plate (550 x 650 mm / 21.7 x 25.6”)

Run length 50,000 impressions
RIP Harlequin based RIP platform: 2 GB RAM, 100 BaseT ethernet

with connectivity to MAC and PC environments

Screening Stochastic screening, optimized for iCtP™ ensuring moiré free prints
Power supply 100 to 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption (stand-by) Imaging unit: 3.4 BTU/h             Finisher and ink dryer: 170 BTU/h
Power consumption (operate) Imaging unit: 240 BTU/h            Finisher and ink dryer: 7100 BTU/h

Operating environment              Temperature range 20-24°C (68-75°F) Humidity range 40-80% (no condensation)

Footprint (LxWxH)                          1998 x 1360 x 1338 mm (78.7 x 53.5 x 52.7”)

Weight                                           185 kg (408 lbs)

Approvals                                       UL, c-UL, FCC, CE, CB

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