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Gerrard TPS-2000 High Speed Fully Automatic Strapping Machine – 121322127005A

Model: TPS-2000
S/N: 0000080

1/4″ strap size

This machine adopts the polyethylene plastic belt as tying materials, and it is mainly used for packing the carton, wooden boxes, paper bags, and cloth package in the line of commercial, postal, railway, banking, medicine, medicine, books, publishing and other industries.

The machine can automatically complete the processes of collecting tape, heat-sealing, cutting and taking out of tape.

Equipped with automatic shutdown function. Fast work speed, high efficiency, time-saving and labor-saving, and high packaging quality.


1. Using a brass pulley is effective to solve the problem of the wearing of the conventional plastic pulley and the tape of the PP belt.

2. Using a high-strength blade with a hardness of 65 greatly improves the ability to cut the tape and the life of the blade.

3. The resin casters are used to make it easier to move mechanically. The casters will not be deformed under long-term load.

4. The outer shell of the body adopts a combined configuration, which can determine the size of the bow according to the size of the package.

5. The domestic power supply (single-phase) developed in Korea can also be used with DBA-21N (single-phase) sister motors.

6. All parts are precision machined using NC processing equipment. The solidity of the components and the unitary action of the joint action are well protected.

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