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Gerber GS15 Plus Plotter/Cutter – 120121020810

Model: GS-15 PLus

S/N: 750778

Engineered to do it all, with extraordinary accuracy.
Die cut, kiss cut, score cut, back-slit (crack and peel), butt-cut, and sheet. Cut inside and outside shapes. Do it all with high precision using both swivel and tangential knife configurations. Learn more about back-slitting and die cutting.

Sprocket-feed technology ensures accurate material tracking.
Sprocket wheels hold continuous-feed media (a.k.a. dotted-edged or key-holed media) in place, preventing it from slipping off track and skewing output, thus minimizing waste. The result is accurately cut materials that require no guesswork or babysitting.

Multiple carbide knife blades enable you to cut a wide variety of materials.
Razor-sharp and long-lasting, carbide blades can cut media of variable thickness, from standard vinyl to sandblast stencil.

Multiple functions offer versatility and efficiency.
Cutting, pouncing, pen plotting.

Dial control makes knife adjustment easy.
Set consistent knife pressure at the turn of a dial.

Minimal training required.
The learning curve for using the GS15 Plus is short.

Compatible with leading software programs.
Fully compatible with Gerber Omega™ design software and the Gerber Edge FX Thermal Printer. Compatible with other leading design-and-cut software.

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