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GBC Talon 44 – 43″ Laminator – 050423204001A

Model: Talon 44
S/N: QJG 5003

The Talon 44 is capable of finishing prints with both heat activated films as well as all pressure sensitive films and adhesives up to 43″ in width.

Thermal and pressure sensitive laminator and mounting system, handles film up to 43″.

* Runs both heat activated and pressure sensitive films (hot and cold).
* “UniWind” system allows the motor driven film shafts to run in either direction to function as unwinds or rewinds.
* “MasterDial” control panel allows operator to select parameters by pressing a Mode button and then spinning the dial.
* Forced air cooling system for high quality encapsulation.
* Motorized heat roller settings are controlled by the pressure/gap selection of the pull rollers. Manual override allows operator to make adjustments as needed.
* Feed table drops down for easy threading.

220 V

18 A

60 HZ

1 Phase

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