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GBC Heat Seal Ultima 65 Roll Laminator – 102319082602

GBC Heat Seal Ultima 65 Roll Laminator

S/N KEM4963

Roll Laminator Description

The Heat Seal Ultima 65 Pro Roll Laminator from Swingline GBC is the choice for you if speedy heavy-duty lamination is required in-house. It features a wide 27-inch tabletop design which is convenient for a number of purposes. With this GBC heavy duty roll laminator, users can now make theirposters, banners, signs, blueprints, maps, tradeshow graphics, etc. protected and visually appealing.Up to 3.0 mil NAP I roll film is the recommendation for this particular model of laminator from Swingline. Swingline GBC Ultima 65 Pro Roll Laminator takes about 10 minutes to warm-up but once ready,can easily laminate up to 10 feet per minute

Swingline GBC Heat Seal Ultima 65 Profor laminating up to 27″ wide input with unmatchable quality and accuracy
Possesses heated rollers (hot rollers) operated with infrared technology for refined results
Protective shield ensures that the work under process is free from the unwanted external influences
Built-in trimmer removes the hassle of manual trimming
Control panel equipped with one-touch keypad makes the job highly expedited
Longevity of the system is increased with the features like auto shut-off, standby mode and reverse function
Temperature and speed of the rollers are preset but can be adjusted manually as per convenience
Can work superbly well with up to 3 mil roll film
Provides a professional level of photo quality

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