GBC DocuBind TL200 Manual Binding Machine


This system features our new exclusive wire holder design that enables you to assemble your document as you punch, making it easier to load paper into the binding element. Advanced punching technology makes it easier to punch up to 17 sheets at once, whilst providing greater reliability. Ideal for a busy office, department or copy shop; where simplicity, flexibility and durability are the defining factors.

Manufacturer: GBC
Model Number: DB TL200
Serial Number: KK01076

Dimensions: 18″ (w) x 8-1/2″ (h) x 16″ (d)
Weight: 27 lbs. (12.5kg)
Punch Capacity: 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper; 20 sheets of 80gm2 paper
Bind Capacity: 125 sheets of 9/16″ (14mm)

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