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GBC CI-12 Electric Coil Inserter – 021722113121

S/N: 3117S0298

Retail Price: $4,600.00

Coil Inserter Description

The GBC CI12 Electric Spiral Coil Inserter with Cut and Crimp Knives is unique in the coil binding industry. It allows you simply insert the coil onto your documents and in one simple step crimp both ends of your document. For high volume users the GBC CI12 can save hours of crimping time while ensuring high quality uniform crimps on all your documents. Produce attractive Color Coil documents in two easy steps with the GBC CI12. Its unique roller design electrically inserts pre-formed color coil elements into pre-punched documents. The CI12 is equipped with a knife assembly kit that cuts and crimps each end.

Coil Inserter Features

Binds coil elements from 6mm to 33mm.
Dual adjustable rollers provide maximum roller contact for binding the full range of coil sizes.
Adjustable knives ensure a proper cut and crimp every time..
Heavy duty rollers provide continuous duty for maximum output.
Single lever ensures simultaneous crimping action for easy use.
Excellent choice for manuals, reports, calendars or handbooks

Coil Inserter Specifications

Productivity: Variable – dependent upon book size
Bind Capacity: Up to 1 1/4″ or 265 sheets (based on 20 lb. bond)
Min Doc Size: Binds books as small as 3″
Max Doc Size: Binds books as large as 12″
Dimensions: 18.75″x6.5″x 11.5″ LxWxD
Machine Weight: 50 lbs. (22.7 kgs.)
Packaged Weight: 58 lbs.
Ratings: 115 Volt/60 Hz/3.5 Amps
Safety Agency Approval: Designed to meet UL and CSA safety standards