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GBC 620OS Automatic Pile Feed Hot Laminator – 120321101630

Model: GBC 620os

S/N: UB00835G

Laminator Description

Automated feeder connects to the 620os Laminator to increase efficiency and accuracy. The smart design incorporates quick release pins to swing the feeder away for short run hand fed jobs. It then swings back and locks into place to ensure proper alignment for fully automated long run jobs. Quick change adjustments accommodate a wide range of paper stock for accurate feeding.

Laminator Features

Handles paper stock ranging from 80 lb. text to 12 pt. cover stock
Adjustable vacuum, air blast and separator fingers eliminates double feeding and miss feeding of media
Adjustable magnetic side guides enable easy set up and straight sheet feeding
Sheet length and overlap settings are precisely set on the laminator.
Sheet feed counter tracks input.
Can feed standard sheet lengths from 11″ up to 30″ and can feed up to 40″ with the optional extension plates.

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