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GBC 110EB-2 Electric Plastic Comb Opener – 053122000264A

Manufacturer: GBC
Model Number: 110EB-2

S/N: AH03422

Power Requirments: 115V, 2A, 60Hz, 1Ph, 173W

Looking for a faster, more productive and more convenient way of binding your documents, try this GBC 110EB Electric Plastic Comb Opener. This GBC 110EB can easily bind documents, of any length, of up to 425 sheets, hands free. With its foot pedal feature, you can open up the comb binding spines with your foot while your hands position the documents, then bind them together in no time. Plus, you can keep track of your binding job through its LCD counter.For high volume production needs GBC 110EB is the best binding machine for you.