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Fujifilm Frontier-S DX100 Desktop High Quality Inkjet Printer – 031924403014B

S/N: U5GE025738

*Includes Paper*

The Frontier-S DX100 is a small high quality Frontier inkjet printer that incorporates 6 colored inks producing up to 360 4R prints per hour.

Compact and fast, the Frontier-S DX100 can produce prints from 3.5” x 5” up to 8 x 39” high quality images and allows for a wider color gamut, finer grain, smoother gradation in backgrounds and improved skin tones. The Frontier-S DX100 meets the diverse needs and challenges of the retail minilab, retail kiosk and Event photography.

Model Name: FRONTIER-S DX100
Print Method: Piezoelectric Inkjet System
Print Capacity: Approx. 360 Prints/hr 4R (4″x6″) Approx 120 Prints/hr 8R (8″x10″)
Print Size: 3 1/2″ x 5″ – 8″ x 39″
Processing time (dry to dry): Approx 45 seconds (fastest time)
Print Resolution: 720 x 720dpi

1440 x 720dpi (HQ mode): Paper

Roll Paper – 4″x213′, 5″x213′, 6″x213′, 8″x213′

Paper Type: Glossy / Lustre – FUJIFILM Quality Dry Photo Paper for the DX100
Ink Cartridges

6 Color (Y, M, C, BK, Pink, Sky Blue) of dye-based VIVIDIA™ ink (Volume 200mls per color)

Back Printing: N/A
Print Sorter: N/A
Floor Space: Approx 2.13 SqFt
Total Installation Space: Approx 2.13 SqFt
Dimensions (in): L 18.11″ x W 16.93″ x H 13.94″
Weight: DX100 PRINTER body (including paper and ink cartridges) weight 51 lbs

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