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Finale 450VS+ Programmable Paper Cutter – 041720091820

Finale 450VS+ Programmable Paper Cutter

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Paper Cutter Description

Brand New 450VS+ numerical-controlled Paper Cutting machine. This high quality numerical-controlled paper cutter has a 17.7 inch cut width and length, plus it comes with multiple safety features which include: Front safety cover (with safety-lock switch that disables the cutter when safety cover is raised), rear safety cover, emergency stop, two cut buttons (requires both hands to push buttons for machine to cut) and breaker switch.

The machine has passed CE Certification,ISO9001 Quality Certification and comes with 2 years free warranty.

Model: 450VS+ Numerical-controlled Paper Cutter
Max. Cutting Size 450mm
Min. Cutting Size 50mm
Cutting thickness 40mm
Cutting Precision ±0.5mm
Paper pressing structure Automation
Paper pushing mode Automation
Safety protection
Power supply 110V/220V
Mchine measurement(H*D*W) 1020x780x670mm
Net weight 115kg

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