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Fenimore 258 Modular Punch Machine – 110122081008C

The Fenimore 258 Auto Punch is our heavy-duty modular punch machine. Our exclusive patented “Fenimore Clutch System” is the heart of our design because of its self-timing capabilities. The Fenimore 258 Auto Punch is equipped with a universal tilt feature, which was designed to roll-up to the delivery end of most brands of folders, collators and saddle binders, even machines with angular deliveries, such as the Harris Multi-Binder or the Heidelberg Omni-Binder and, of course, other Fenimore products. Our master die holder is made from a solid 2.5″ x 2.5″ piece of steel. This assures us of the rigidity and durability that we expect. The Fenimore 258 Auto Punch handles three-hole or five-hole punching in-line with the binding operation. Various hole sizes and configurations are available. Our punch pins are so superior; the process is our top secret! They are made in sets and can be installed in minutes!

Model: 258

S/N: 565


  • Modular system rolls up to a wide variety of folders,
  • Collators, saddle-binders and other finishing equipment
  • Equipped with a standard 1/4″ (6.4mm) three-hole punch die set
  • Designed to be adjustable so machine can be used as an “upright” or “slanted” for angular deliveries
  • 30″ (762mm) belt delivery
  • Pre-wired to facilitate easy installation

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