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Felins US-2000 ADU Ultra Sonic Bander – 032123170002A

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US-2000 ADU can run 50 micron clear film (or 60 when printed). Unit requires compressed air; however, the volume is minimal since the air valve is only open while feeding the arch. The ADU is capable of running all standard banding materials and does not require air for these standard materials. The ADU has all of the features of a standard 360×260/30. US-2000 ADU uses a cleaner, better controlled sealing method and offers the following advantages over a heat seal machine:

  • Weld strength is adjustable (weld can be set to tear away)
  • No adhesive build-up on the sealing head requiring less maintenance and fewer band jams
  • No energy is wasted heating the sealing head when the machine is not cycling
  • Since there is no heat, operators or technicians are not likely to burn themselves as with other heat seal machines
  • Product can’t be damaged by heat
  • Simple to startup, operate, and maintain
  • No warm-up time required
  • Safe, ergonomic design
  • Digital Operator interface and machine controls α Unmatched ultrasonic sealing technology
  • Can use 50 micron clear banding material
  • Output: up to 35 bands per minute
  • Arch dimensions (inches): 10.25 wide x 7 high
  • Banding materials:
    • Paper
    • Plastic
  • Banding style:
    • Clear
    • Colors
    • Pre-printed
  • Cold weld process
  • Adjustable weld strength:
    • Peelable
    • Permanent
  • Manual controls
  • Adjustable working height: 30 – 39 inches

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