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Felins Loop Plus 1000 Table Top Strapper – 102822074133A

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Strapper Description

Not all businesses that use banding and strapping procedures require an industrial weight machine, and the LoopPlus Tabletop Strapper from Felins is designed to accommodate this lighter weight grouping. The machine can easily sit on any desk or tabletop and bundle everything from mailings to supplies that are being transported, put into storage, or grouped together for any other reason. Banks can use these systems for making bundles of cash, printers can use them to bundle small printing jobs, and offices might use them to keep supplies tidy. There is really no limit to what this machine might do with bundles of all sizes and shapes. The LoopPlus Tabletop Strapper requires a standard wall outlet to operate and takes up only 14″ x 16″ on a desktop. It can be found in two designs – the LoopPlus and the Loop 1000, and both can handle a maximum bundle of 60″ (though the feeding mechanism can be manually operated for bundles requiring larger loops.The LoopPlus Tabletop Strapper will handle from 15 to 20 procedures per minute depending on the size of the bundle and the skills that the operator has developed with using the system. The machine also has adjustable tension on the loop of banding material and relies on its patented Tension-Weld joints to create the most appropriate seals. The machine uses a standard banding material that is of a poly plastic nature, and this ensures that all seals are durable but that operating costs are as low and economical as possible. Because the LoopPlus Tabletop Strapper is meant to be situated in a working environment it is crafted from noise reducing materials. The unit is insulated for sound deadening and there is an onboard cooling fan to ensure that overheating is never an issue. This also provides the entire unit with low maintenance demands and a longer life span.Whether you use this machine to bundle smaller in house print jobs, to pull items together for more cost effective shipping fees, or to organize mailings to be sent via second or fourth class standards, it will provide you with consistent results. It is an affordable way to streamline many office or mailing room functions, but it can also be put to use in a lot of small home-based offices as well. This is a dependable banding solution that is easy and safe to use and which will find a lot of different purposes in any location or setting.

Strapper Features

Portable – at 45 lbs., this tabletop strapping machine can easily be moved to any location.
Economical – low cost LoopStrap® makes all your banding affordable.
Versatile – the adjustable loop feature allows you to bundle various size packages.
Perfect for bundling incoming and outgoing mail.
Perfect for banks and other financial institutions for bundling cash, checks, coin boxes, statements, lock box remittances and more.
Can be used for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.
Strap Sealing Process: Patented Tension Weld® joint.

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