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Felins ATS MSX 420 Banding System – 090222074103A

With the lightweight, space-saving ATS-MSX 420 paper and film bands can be processed using only one machine. Also thin film bands with a thickness from 60 μ can be used. Thanks to the pre-programmed functions “pause“ and “soft“ (for soft products) and “squeeze“ (for increased band tension) this machine is very user friendly. With this mobile, inexpensive machine products get efficiently and gently banded.

Model: ATS-MSX 420 (S/N: 507371E)

Model: ATS-MS-Abroller (S/N: BT638/16MSJ B71445)

The optional ATS-MS jumbo dispenser reduces the number of roll changes and enables comfortable working conditions thanks to its adjustable height.

• Change locations quickly thanks to brake rolls

• Type 1: Manual height adjustment

• Type 2: Adjustable height with crank handle

Convenient roll changing

The easy insertion and threading of the band is just another feature that enhances the high user-friendliness of the ATS-MSX

  • 1. Manual start button
  • 2. Function for soft products
  • 3. Increasing of the band tension
  • 4. Temperature setting
  • 5. Infinitely adjustable band tension
  • 6. Band feed / Automatic function
  • 7. Service Mode


  • Max. Product Size: width 420 x height 210 mm
  • Min. Product Size: width 20 x height 2 mm
  • Speed up to 33 bandings/min
  • Band tension settings 5 to 40 N
  • Height x Width 490mm x 569 mm
  • Depth 300 mm
  • Weight 29 kg
  • Functions Pause, squeeze, soft
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