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Excel Packaging PP1606-20 Shrink Tunnel – 062123239005A

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Model: PP1606-20
S/N: S1190628

(16”W x 6”H x 20”L chamber)

The model PP1606-20 Shrink Tunnel (16”W x 6”H x 20”L chamber size) is a General Purpose, Entry Level Heat Shrink Tunnel which can be used for a wide variety of applications such as laying bottles down and using full length PVC shrink sleeves, shrinking pre-form shrink bands over containers, using regular cut shrink bands, can be used as a curing tunnel or a drying tunnel. This tunnel can be connected to an L’Sealer and used to shrink wrap packages.


  • Fully Re-Circulating Shrink Tunnel
  • 4 Direction Air Flow
  • AC Variable Speed Conveyor 0-75 FPM
  • Live Roller Rod Conveyor
  • Automatic Cool Down and Shut Off
  • Digital Temperature Control 0-350°
  • Hi Density Rollers with Close Spacing


Machine Dimensions:

35.5”L x 22” W x 48.5”H


110V – 1 Phase – 20 Amps


220 lbs (100 kg)

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