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ETitanCoil Eagle Heavy Duty Plastic Coil Binding Machine – 072623244003A

The ETitanCoil Eagle Plastic Coil Binding Machine by DFG is an extra heavy-duty electric punch and electric bind binding machine built for high capacity and large volume production needs. Capable of making coil bound books, proposals, reports, and other documents quickly, easily, and efficiently on a large scale, the ETitanCoil Eagle from the Digital Finishing Group provides the ultimate in modern coil binding technology. The ETitanCoil is manufactured with the industry’s highest quality components

Capable of punching up to 26 sheets or through 3mm thick hardboard, the ETitanCoil Eagle is one of the best coil binding machines in its class. The ETitanCoil Eagle is built with heavy-duty die-casted metal making it a reliable, user-friendly, and functional. For the highest quality binding possible, the DFG ETitanCoil Eagle uses virtually zero tolerance Double “D” oval holes (4 x 5mm), DFG’s patent pending SERVOGROOVE™ foot pedal operated electric coil inserter binding system, fully dis-engageable pins, and a true 0.25″ pitch design.

Other features include a self lubricating punch system to ensure a longer lasting more precise punch pin life. A J-Shaped book pre-former guide assists in properly forming 1/4 inch thick and larger books eliminating buckling and allowing for easier coil insertion. The anti-jam function prevents jams before they occur.

A large waste drawer collects the punched paper chads plus non-skid feet ensure the machine does not move during the punching and binding process.


Dimensions 15″ x 15-1/2″ x 6-3/4″
Gross Weight 57
Units Per Parcel 1
Package Type Each
Brand DFG
Disengageable Pins Yes
Punch Type Coil
Punch Method Electric
Bind Capacity w/Inserter 7/8″
Electric Coil Inserter Yes
Max. Punch Capacity 26 sheets
Max. Punch Length 11″ w/Open Throat
Paper Load Horizontal
Usage Heavy
Punch Depth Margin Control Adjustable
Edge Guide Adjustable
Machine Weight 42 lbs