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Eastey Mini Combo TM1319T Shrink and Seal Unit – 061521074120

The Eastey Mini Combo Unit is a semi-automated system that pairs an L-sealer with a shrink tunnel in one durable, easy-to-use machine. The 12-gauge welded steel frame construction makes this a durable unit, designed to provide the performance you need when sealing a variety of films. As a great entry-level shrink system, the Mini Combo is available in either hot wire (TM1319T) or hot knife (TM1320TK) formats to seal most polyolefin and PVC shrink films. With the hot knife system, users can choose mushroom, pancake, arrow or poly inserts to best suit the specific application and film used. Distinguishing characteristics of the Mini Combo include: a dwell time regulator for increased seal control, a takeaway conveyor that allows for center-sealing of products, and an adjustable pin perforator for air evacuation. It also features a rugged stainless steel mesh conveyor—with variable speed and air flow—to accomplish a wide range of shrinking applications.

S/N: 11311319TT


  • Variable Speed Conveyor
  • Temperature Control
  • Seals Polyolefin and PVC Shrink Films
  • Positive Shrinking
  • Adjustable Tunnel for Different Width Items
  • Accepts up to 16″ Film Widths


TM1319T (Hot Wire Seal)

  • Machine Dimensions: 33″W x 60″H x 80″L
  • Tunnel Chamber Dimensions: 14″W x 8″H x 20″L
  • Standard Power: 22/110V, 15/20A, 1 Phase
  • Weight: 1000 lbs.
  • Seal Area: Front – 19″; Side; – 13″
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