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Eagle 710 Strapping Machine – 102921100130

Automatic strapping machines are perfect for securing and bundling boxes. Simply place boxes under the arch and the machine applies a strap. Manual mode requires the user to push a foot pedal for the strapping to be applied.

Product loss during transit can cost companies thousands or even millionsĀ of dollars annually. Strapping heavy boxes will help secure and protect the boxes from opening during transit. Bundling smaller boxes with a strapping machine will save money in parcel shipping costs. This can be done in seconds with the 710 strapping machines.

Automatic strapping machines help to reduce waste and increase strapping times. The Eagle 710 strapping machine is offered in a variety of arch dimensions. View the chart below for pricing on different arch dimensions.

S/N: 11029681


5 amp


* LCD Screen Read Out
* Self Threading Feed
* Auto-Loop Ejector
* Low & High Tension Settings
* Tool-Free General Maintenance
* Quick Release Lock-on Coil
* 110v
* Fits 8″x8″ Core
* Strap Size 5mm/6mm – 710XL only fits 9mm strapping
* 65 Straps Per Minute
* Tension 2.5 lbs -70.5 lbs.
* Table Top Height 32.75″
* Machine Dimensions 37″ x 26.5″ x 65″

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