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Dynaric D-2300 Automatic Strapping Machine – 111220015510

The Dynaric D2300 is an operator friendly strapping machine capable of over 48 strapping cycles per minute. This machine will accept 9mm (3/8”) or 12mm (1/2”) strap (only one part is required to change between the two sizes). Cycle initiation is by start switch, table mounted photo switch or foot switch. The table height is set at 800mm (31.5”). Operating on single phase power, the machine can be plugged in virtually anywhere in your facility. The design of this machine includes rounded corners on the table tops for increased personal safety. The coil is internally mounted, which minimizes required floor space, but utilizes an open design so that the coil is visible. Easy automatic strap feeding, loop kick outs and automatic strap discharge of leftover strap once has coil has been exhausted are just a few of the features which make this a user friendly unit. The strapping material is heat sealed for maximum seal efficiency.

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