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Duplo Ultra 145A UV Coater w/ Auto Feeder – 101620085650

UV Coater Description

High quality, cost-effective ultraviolet coating on documents printed on digital copiers/printers and offset presses is now easily obtainable with the Ultra 145A UV Coater. This fully automatic coater is extremely user-friendly and are ideal for medium to high volume production. With effortless setup, they produce high quality glossy sheen, matte, and satin finishes to offset and digitally printed documents. Set-up is easily accomplished via a unique touch screen that will permit you to do all its adjustments without a skilled operator.
The metering roller speed adjustment will enable you to evenly set how much coating should be applied and cleaning of the three rollers will also be completed automatically at the end of your production day. Fully automatic, the Ultra 145A marks a new era of coaters which significantly add value to any document by adding more vibrancy and richness to its colors and hues as well as protection from scratching and fingerprints. For as low as the cost of half a penny, your documents can go from dull to glossy instantly!

UV Coater Features

• 14.5” (Ultra 145A) paper width
• Fully automatic with easy to operate, touch screen LCD
• Compact, enclosed, and portable in design
• Self-compensating paper thickness adjustment with no manual adjustments necessary
• Troubleshooting diagram display
• Automatic cool down system
• Self cleaning system
• Patented bi-directional metering system
• Coater exit roller with vacuum system for guiding media out
• Automatic air knife assist for lightweight stock
• Self-centered and self-tension adjusted conveyor belt
• Adjustable 200W or 300W UV lamp intensity
• Double-sided coating capability
• UV coating empty, safety cover, jam, and fire sensors
• Variable speed
• Reserve interface for printer
• Hand-feed or optional auto suction feeder capability

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