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Duplo Ultra 100 Pro UV Coater – 110221023150

Processing 13″ paper widths up to 44 feet per minute, the Ultra 100 PRO UV Coater provides a high featured UV coating machine for short volume demands. Similar to the Ultra 200A model, the Ultra 100 PRO enhances the value and vibrancy of printed pieces and offers unique coating capabilities. The applicator and impression rollers engage only at the start and end of the sheet, ensuring a smear-free, clean finish on both sides.

Model: ULTRA 100 Pro UV Coater

S/N: 985A111506592


  • Adds gloss or satin coating
  • Handles both offset and digital print applications
  • Coats both sides of the sheet smear-free
  • Accommodates 13″ paper widths
  • Infrared heater helps coat difficult stock with smooth and accurate finishes
  • Hand-free tray
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