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Duplo UJ-500AS Anti-Static Air Jogger – 050820080620

Duplo UJ-500AS Anti-Static Air Jogger

S/N 03-1906014

Air Jogger Description

The UJ-500AS Air Jogger from Duplo is an important first step in your paper processing. Jogging paper before feeding it through a processing machine reduces static and prevents paper feed errors such as miss and double feeds. The UJ-500AS’s unique vibration system and ionized air-assisted blowing not only reduces static electricity but ink residue or set-off as well, aligning edges and quickly drying wet ink. With the UJ 500 AS, jogging strength and air volume are adjustable according to paper quantity and quality. This advanced jogger can operate in different settings such as air only, jogger only, reset timer operation, and a time interval difference mode.

Number of Bins: 1
Tray Thickness: 4″
Paper Size: 5″ x 7.3″ to 12.9″ x 18″
Capacity: Up to 600 sheets, 64 gsm
Air Blowing System: Ionized air blower
Electrical: 110-120V
Dimensions: 14.2″ x 15.3″ x 41″
Weight: 37 lbs

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