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2004 Duplo System 3000 Collator – 090619023633

2004 Duplo System 3000 Collator

S/N 041000115

Collator Specifications

Paper Size 4.7” x 5.52” to 14” x 20”
Paper Weight 11 lb. to 12-pt. cover
Bin Capacity 2.5”
Detection Double-feed, misfeed, paper jam, paper transport
jam and bin empty
Speed Up to 10,000 sets per hour
Feeding System Vacuum belt suction with air separation
Power AC 120V 60Hz 8A
Dimensions (LxWxH) 25” x 30” x 67”; 49” x 30” x 67” when connected to
the lift unit (25” x 30” x 78”; 49” x 30” x 78” when
connected to the lift unit)
Weight 573 lbs. (640 lbs.)
Other Features 5-digit display; twin conveyor vertical paper
transport; auto calibration; left/right exit selection;
automatic bin selection; 4-step overlap controls;
multi-step speed adjustment; block mode (1/2-, 1/3-,
1/4-block functions); interleaving sheet insertion;
reject tray (right and left); hand marry unit
Connecting Devices DBM-120, DBM-300, DBM-400, DBM-400STR, DC-48J, DC-12JR, DC-8000S ST, Kicker and LongStacker