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Duplo System 2000 Booklet Maker w/ Collator – 101920124930

High Quality Finishing Solution

When it comes to affordable high speed collating and ease of operation, nothing compares to the Duplo System 2000. This dynamic vacuum-feed collating and bookletmaking system offers small and medium printing operations a complete finishing solution designed to maximize productivity

throughout the crucial finishing process.

Superior Feeding System

The unique vacuum system on the DC-10/60 Collator productively handles a wide array of paper stock with complete accuracy at remarkably high speed. This superior feeding system

independently delivers air and vacuum to each bin by individual systems located at the bins.

Automatic Size Changeover Bookletmaking

The automatic setting of the DBM-120 Bookletmaker offers speed and reliability to maximize productivity and increase profits. The easy to use DBM-120 produces up to 2,400 professional booklets an hour – a fraction of what it would take to make them by hand. The optional DBM- 120T Trimmer is designed to be used in-line with the DBM-120 for precise and consistent face


Number of Bins Paper Size (Min./Max.) Paper Weight Bin Capacity Detections

Speeds Feed System Power Consumption Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Other Features

Connecting Devices Options

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60

4.72” x 5.52” to 14” x 20”

11 lb. to 12-pt. cover


Double-feed, misfeed, paper jam, paper transport jam, bin empty

Up to 10,000 sets per hour*
Vacuum belt with air sheet separation
120V 60Hz 9.5A
25” x 30” x 78”; 49” x 30” x 78” when connected to the lift unit Lift unit – 80 lbs.; each tower – 705 lbs.

5-digit display (ascending and descending); twin conveyor vertical paper transport; auto calibration; left or right exit selection; automatic bin selection; 4-step overlap controls; multi-step speed adjustment; block mode (1/2-block, 1/3-block, 1/4-block functions); interleaving sheet insertion; reject tray (right and left); hand-marry unit

DBM-500 Bookletmaker, DBM-400 Bookletmaker, DBM-300 Bookletmaker, DBM-120 Bookletmaker, DC-8000ST Rear Stacker, DC-12JR Rear Jogger, DBM-400STR Right Stacker, DBM-400STL Left Stacker

Document Integrity System (Barcode Scanners), Intelligent Multi-bin Feeding System


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