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Duplo Stapler/Folder DBM-100 Booklet Maker and 8-Bin Collator w/ Trimmer, Offset Stacker, Lifting Unit and Delivery – 052523182009A

Airtech Type KRS7A-DU
S/N: 10395

Duplo Offset Stacker DC-8000S ST
S/N: 71201538

1997 Duplo Delivery DC-8000S D
S/N: 71000718

Duplo Collator DC-8000S 2
S/N: 980800224

Duplo Collator DC-8000S 2
S/N: 80100665

1998 Duplo Lifting Unit LU-HM
S/N: 80300516

Duplo Stapler Folder DBM-100
S/N: 71202058

Duplo Trimmer DBM-100T
S/N: 80301650

Booklet Maker Specifications

Length: 200 to 450 mm
Width: 200 to 320 mm
Length: 139 to 231 mm
Width: 210 to 320 mm (Standard size from above (A5, A4) (feed direction: wide edge leading))
A4 (feed direction: wide edge leading)
Paper quality: Fine stencil paper, medium quality paper, fine quality paper (64 to 128 g/m2)
Note 1) However, the cover must be above 80 g/m2.
Note 2) Under both side and corner-stapling mode, in case of 64 g/m2, up to 10 sheets.
Staplers: 1 to 2 (5,000 capacity per head)
Stapling capacity: Fine quality paper: 80 g/m2. Equivalent to 25 sheets or less
Folding capacity: Fine quality paper: 80 g/m2. Equivalent to 25 sheets or less
Maximum processing speed: 40 sets/minute (A4-80 g/m2, 10 sheets, feed direction: narrow edge leading)
Detection function: Conveyance route/stopper/paper receiving tray paper jam detection, top cover/belt
conveyance unit open/close detection, staple remaining amount detection
Using conditions: Temperature: 5 to 35°C. Humidity: 20 to 85% RH