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Duplo DocuCutter 490 19in Programmable Paper Cutter – 021323144005A

Hydraulically powered and extremely rugged construction, the 490 Pro cutter by Duplo USA offers high performance and precision cutting for the on-demand market. Engineered to the highest quality, this Duplo cutter offers high speed cutting up to 19.29″ (about 19 ³ /₁₀”) wide and stacks up to 3″ thick. Safety sensors keep your operators protected during use, ensuring no accidents and preventing cutting when objects are in the cutting field. In addition, the cutter is activated by dual buttons that require two-hands, ensuring no hand is left on the table. First, set your cutting specifications in the easy-to-use control panel. You can save up to 98 jobs in the memory with up to 49 different cuts per job. These saved jobs can be recalled by just pressing the “auto” button and entering the job number. The back gauge will automatically position itself before each cut, smoothly and quickly guiding your paper stack into the set position. Micro adjustments can be made to the back gauge setting by using the knob underneath the table. A light line illuminates precisely where the blade will cut, and the clamp to remove air between the sheets and ensure further accuracy is controlled by a hydraulic foot pedal on the front of the machine. The Duplo 490 pro cutter also has a manual mode so you can program individual cuts quickly. For a quick and easy cutting solution for your high-volume cutting needs with accuracy and safety in mind, buy the Duplo 490 pro hydraulic programmable paper cutter online today.

Model: 490P

S/N: 490P1104028


  • Operating Method Hydraulic
  • Included Supplies & Accessories 1 Blade (Installed)
  • 1 Cutting Stick (Installed)
  • Power Voltage 220 V, 60 Hz, Single Phase
  • Castors: No
  • Dimensions 40.16″ W x 45.28″ D x 53.55″ H
  • Size 19 ³/₁₀”
  • Cutting Width 19 ³/₁₀”
  • Cutter Capacity 3″ Thick Stack (About 750 Sheets*)
  • Safety Features Two-Hand Blade Activation
  • Safety Sensors
  • Product Weight (lbs) 880