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2020 Duplo DFL-500 Dry Coat/Foil/Laminator – 070622000358A

The DFL-500 offers the flexibility to dry coat, foil, or laminate digitally-printed applications with ease. For dry coating, DFL-500 utilizes a ceramic thermal roller and heat control system to apply the film over the sheet. Matte and gloss lamination can be used, providing an added-value layer of protection that also helps spot coating embellishments stand out. For toner foiling, the DFL-500 applies adhesive foil anywhere black toner is printed without the use of dies. Foiling on top polymer can also be done for a raised foil effect.

Model: DFL-500 Mark II

S/N: 111-0111001


  • Easy job set up and changeover
  • Foiling with gold, silver, blue, green, red, and matte gold colors
  • Automatic film cutting system to separate laminated sheets
  • Dust removing and de-curling system featured in more expensive laminators
SPEED 15 sheets per minute
INPUT PAPER SIZE Foil: 5.8” x 8.3” to 13” x 24”, Laminate: 8.3” x 11.7” to 13” x 24”
PAPER WEIGHT 110-400 gsm
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