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2016 Duplo 600i 30-Bin Booklet Making System w/ DKT-K Booklet Trimmer and DBM-LSW Long Stacker – 083022074097A

DSC-10/60 Collating Tower (S/N: 160300134)

DSC-10/60 Collating Tower (S/N: 160300127)

DSC-10/60 Collating Tower (S/N: 160300135)

DBM-600 Booklet Maker (S/N: 160300528)

DBM-600T Trimmer (S/N: 160300581)

Duplo DKT-K Booklet Trimmer (S/N: 160200070)

Duplo DBM-LSW Long Stacker (S/N: 160400388)

The 600i Booklet System is Duplo’s high-end collating and bookletmaking solution. Integrating the fully automatic DBM600 Bookletmaker with the high speed and intelligent DSC10/60i Suction Collators, the 600i Booklet System produces professional high quality saddle, side, or corner-stitched booklets as well as letter landscape applications. AUTOMATED SIMPLICITY Using Duplo’s DSC-10/60i PC Controller software, the 600i Booklet System can easily be managed and controlled by a single operator via a PC. This intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) facilitates the programming and saving of jobs. Simply by entering or selecting the paper sizes, the PC Controller automatically calculates the stitch, fold, and trim positions. User-friendly interface elements such as the drop down list, check boxes, buttons, and sliders make it extremely easy for an operator to select or change settings and to make fine adjustments if needed. The PC Controller can save an unlimited number of jobs that can be instantly recalled to change from one job to another within 60 seconds without any tools required. INTELLIGENT MULTI-BIN FEEDING Perform custom feed applications and fulfill a variety of unique job requirements by using the IMBF (Intelligent Multi-Bin Feeding) feature that comes standard with the PC Controller software. Seamlessly merge black and white documents with color media, combine un-collated offset with collated digital output, and create one-to-one marketing booklets by inserting variable data material. Take full control of the feeding sequence, link bins, select the bins to feed from, and specify how many sheets to feed from each bin. With the IMBF, documents can also be delivered set-byset or sheet-by-sheet into a stacker or bookletmaker.

DSC-10/60i COLLATOR Number of Bins 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 (10 bins per tower) Paper Size Width: 4.1” – 14” Length: 5.8” – 24” 2 Paper Weight Fine quality paper: 52 – 157gsm (Cover: 52 – 300 gsm) Art coated paper: 79 – 157gsm (Cover: 79 – 300 gsm) Bin Capacity 2.6” Speed Bookletmaking: Up to 5,200 sets/hour1 Stacking: Up to 10,000 sets per hour1 Controller PC Controller w/IMBF or Color Touch Screen LCD Control Panel3 Power 120V 60Hz 7.9 – 8.4A 910 – 960W Dimensions (WxDxH) 34” x 33” x 78” Weight 674 lbs. Options DSC-10/60i Bridge; LUR Lift Unit Right; DBM-400STR/STL Deep Pile Stacker, DCR-ST Left Exit Cross Stacker; DCR-BP Bypass Bridge, LDR, DSF2200(Duetto), Ultrasonic Sensor Kit, DSC1060ENVLP Envelope Kit

DBM-600 BOOKLETMAKER SIGNATURE BOOKLETMAKING Sheet Size (Min./Max.) 4.13” x 6.69” to 14.33” x 25.19” 4 Folding Capacity Up to 30 sheets (Thickness: 0.11”/ 3.0mm)5 Stitching Capacity Up to 50 sheets (Thickness: 0.19”/5.0mm)5 SIDE/SIDE STITCH & FOLD Sheet Size B5 LEF, A4 SEF, A4 LEF, A4SR SEF, A4SR LEF, LTR SEF, LTR LEF, LGL SEF, LGL LEF, B4 SEF, B4 LEF CORNER STITCH Sheet Size (Min./Max.) B5 LEF, A4 SEF, A4 LEF, A4SR SEF, A4SR LEF, LTR LEF , LGL SEF, LGL LEF, B4 SEF GENERAL Speed Up to 5,200 sets per hour* Number of Stitcher Heads 2 standard or 4 optional. Type: Hohner 43/6S Stitch Positions Saddle, Corner, Side, Fold Only, Side Stitch and Fold Programmable Memory Settings 20 Power Requirements 120V 60Hz 4.5A Dimensions (LxWxH) 73” x 37” x 51” Weight 831 lbs. Options 4 Stitch Head Kit, Calendar Kit, DBM-600 Air Kit, DBM-600 Hand Feed Kit, D-Port Connecting Kit for DC-10/60PRO and DSC-10/20, DBM-SSW Short Stacker, Offset Trim Kit, DSF-2200 Hand Feed Kit

DBM-600T TRIMMER In-feed Booklet Size (W x L) 4.13” x 3.35” to 14.33” x 12.6” Finished Booklet Size (W x L) 4.13” x 2.95” to 14.33” x 11.96” Trim Width 0.04”/ 1mm to 0.98”/ 25mm (2.95” with 12 sheets or less) Trimming Capacity 30 folded sheets of fine quality 80 gsm paper, equivalent to 60 sheets (Thickness: 0.23”/6.0mm) Power Consumption 120V 60Hz 6.5A Dimensions (LxWxH) 28” x 28” x 44” Weight 514 lbs. Options DBM-LSW Extended Conveyor, DBM-SSW Short Stacker, DKT-200 Two-Knife Trimmer, D-Port Connecting Kit for DSC-10/60PRO and DSC-10/20, DKT-K Batch Kicker, Sliding Base for ASM