Duplo DBM 120 Sheet Feeder/Booklet Maker – 011122081830

The DBM-120 is designed for simple set-up and foolproof operation. With the most common applications pre-programmed, booklet-making is accessed at the touch of a button. Ten pre-set paper sizes and three programmable memory settings allow for odd size paper versatility. No timely manual adjustments are necessary as the side guides, head stops, staple/fold position stoppers, and machine automatically move to the correct positions. The operator is able to change from one job to the next in mere seconds. Even the optional in-line face trimmer automatically adjusts itself for preprogrammed paper sizes!

Retail Price: $20,000.00

Trimmer DBM-120 (S/N: 000900231)


Speed: Up to 1,800 sets per hour

Detections: Paper jam (location indication), remaining staple count, top cover open/closed indication

Number of Staple/ Stitcher Heads: 2

Staple/Stitch Positions: Corner, side, top, saddle (or no stitch for “fold only” applications)

Programmable Memory Settings: 10 pre-set and 3 custom paper sizes

Power Requirements: 120V AC 2A or 220 – 240V AC 1A

Dimensions (LxWxH): 28″ x 22″ x 23″

Weight: 185 lbs