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2006 Duplo 490 PRO Hydraulic Paper Cutter – 102820092720

The 490 PRO Hydraulic Cutter offers high performance and precision cutting of document stacks printed on a wide array of paper stocks and weights. Hydraulic-powered and rugged in construction, the 490 PRO is easy to use and features a user-friendly touchscreen control panel which guides operators throughout the job setup as well as the cutting positions. Up to 98 jobs can be saved in memory and up to 49 cuts can be programmed per job. Cutting sequences are conveniently stored and recalled at the touch of a button.

S/N: 0609029P


  • Accommodates 19.29″ cutting width
  • Hydraulic-powered, rugged construction
  • Color LCD touch screen control panel
  • Memory for up to 98 jobs and 49 cuts per job
  • Full light beam curtain and dual palm cut buttons for operator safety


Maximum Cut Width –  19.29″ (490mm)

Maximum Cut Height – 3.14″ (80mm)

Power Requirements – 220V single phase 50/60Hz AC 2HP

Weight – 880 lbs. (400 kg)

Dimensions – 40.16” x 45.28” x 53.55”


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