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DTG PreTreat
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Multi-Shirt printing – that’s right, the M2 will allow you to print 2 shirts at once, or 4 small designs at once, so you can be more productive.

Big Printing – do you know how many XL, XXL, and bigger garments are sold? The M2 makes you more by printing up to 17″ x 24″ – that’s printing big.

Bottles, not Cartridges – bulk ink is just a better deal. It impacts pricing, because you’re basically buying in bulk, and you don’t have to stop and “agitate” the cartridges. The patented White Ink Management system that’s built into every M2 handles that for you.

Most Profit Per Print – Lowest cost, most profit- just 2 ways to say the same thing: every shirt you print will cost less on the M2 than the other DTG printers. That means you make more money every time you print, on every order.

Auto-Height Adjustment – this isn’t just another time-saver, just another way the M2 makes you more productive. It’s a money saver, a hassle saver, and a time saver. Every time you load up a new shirt onto most printers you have to adjust the height of the platen – that takes time. And it’s a hassle because sometimes you’re just going to forget and the shirt will be too low – that makes a fuzzy print. That’s if you’re on the lucky side – if you’re on the unlucky side, the platen is too HIGH and you get ahead strike. Ask your DTG vendor what that will cost you. The M2 had an automatic height adjustment – not a problem.

Removable Platens – this is a machine designed for production, and one of the keys to churning out bigger orders is workflow. That’s where having removable platens comes in. Normally, with other DTG printers you have to stand in front of the printer, hoop the shirt onto a platen screwed to the machine, print, then unhoop it. Take it off the platen and heat-press, then load the next shirt and repeat. With the M2 you can load 2 shirts and hit print. While they’re printing you can load TWO OTHER PLATENS, then when shirts 1 and 2 are done, simply lift them off and place the next to on the printer.  It’s just a more productive workflow, and it’s unique to the DTG M2.

Most people looking into direct to garment printers have never seen them in action.. really in action.. so they can see what producing an order is like with a DTG printer. We took the time to make a LIVE recording where we produced a custom t-shirt order from graphics to finished goods. You can watch the video below titled “DTG Printing – Filling an order from start to finish”.

One of the strong suits of DTG vs. screen printing is the ability to print different sized images on different sized shirts. A 6″x10″ design on a small women’s shirt looks completely different than on an XL, and the only way you can print those size differences with screen printing is by creating 2+ different screens. With the M2, all  you have to do is load up 2 different shirt sizes, scale one of your designs up or down, then print both. Your customer will be blown away, especially because they can WATCH you do it! Selling variable sizes makes it easier to justify a more profitable deal for you.

  • Printhead – Piezo 180 nozzles per channel
  • Color – CMYK-W or Dual CMYK
  • Print Area – 24″ x 17.7″
  • Drive – Processor driven conveyor
  • Inks – P30i Pigment Inks
  • Ink Delivery – Bottle – pressurized CYMK, Bottle – pressurized re-circulation – white (WIMS)
  • Operating System – Microsoft Vista, XPRIP, Windows 7-10
  • Electrical – 110-240VAC/10A, 50-60Hz Consumption: 55W or less, Standby -5W, Off – 1W
  • Physical Dimensions – 48″W x 21.7″H x 39″L
  • Weight – 212 lb

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