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Dispensa-Matic U-45 Electric Dispenser – 032822001013A

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The Dispensa-Matic U-45 Label Dispenser is a heavy-duty, semi-automatic electric label dispenser for labels from 0.375” to 4.5” wide x 0.375” to any length. This label dispenser advances at over 6” per second.

• Butt-cut or die-cut compatible.
• Multiple row compatible.
• Semi-automatic dispenser: pick, apply and repeat.
• Label boxes, envelopes, brochures, bottles, bags, cans – anything that needs a label.
• Side frames are made from the highest quality metals, then formed, countersunk, de burred and inspected.
• Dispensing tables are formed out of stainless. The peel edge is handshaped to spec to get the perfect peeling edge needed to dispense labels without tearing the backing paper.
• Dispensing tables are polished with ultra-fine polishing compound so paper flows freely around the plate.
• The U-45 motor is a shaded-pole AC motor.
• The Dispensa-Matic U-45 uses a Photo-Eye sensor, which is specifically designed to detect all kinds of labels: paper, Mylar, foil, holographic and clear
• Motor is compatible for Europe and all other 220V 50/60hz.
• Dimensions: 11”x11”x 8”
• Weight: 11 lbs.

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