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Digi-Dri DDAS Portable Infrared Dryer – 042622000113A

Model: DDAS
S/N: 12/04/12 SE 001
Tired of waiting for your ink to dry?

Digi-Dri™ Digital Print Dryer from BBC Industries is your answer to printing faster on your large format printer. The flexible design and uniform heat distribution will gently full cure inks without any circulating air and is safe for all inks and substrates.

Wide format digital printing has advanced to where the printers can apply ink faster than it can dry in the open air. The wide variety of inks and medias available for different applications also increase the need for additional drying. This unique and first of a kind Black Body® portable infrared dryer will conveniently roll up to your printer and gently dry the ink to a full cure.

•Immediate drying of most printed media without circulating air.
•Uniform heat distribution across entire surface.
•Portable from one printer to another and easily rolls into place.
•Safe for inks and substrates.
•Flexible design and compatible with most printers and work centers.
•Repositionable: adjust height, angle, and tilt of heater.
•Solid State temperature control.
•Efficient Infrared heating element.
•Portable from one printer to another.
•Maneuverable stand with 360 degree adjustable incline/decline.
•Optional Auto Shut Off to turn off the dryer at the estimated end of a print run.

Includes: Heater assembly, controller, & stand.

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