DelTech FLEX Series – Refrigerated Air Dryer DFX3.1 – 121521024040

Model: DFX 3.1

S/N: 18H460DX3000712

Inlet Flow

SCFM: 300

NM/H: 509

Pressure Drop PSI: 3.6

Voltage: 460/3/60

Inlet/Outlet Connections: NPT 2″

Operating Power: 1.99

Energy Saving Sustainability

The FLEX Series lowers air system power costs and improves productivity by matching power consumption to compressed air demand.

In a typical manufacturing facility, up to 30% of electricity consumed is for generating and treating compressed air. To reduce total cost of operation and qualify for utility company incentive programs, proper air treatment equipment selection and application is required.

Load Matching Performance

Compressed air load profiles in most manufacturing facilities fluctuate. The FLEX Series provides cost-effective energy savings by matching electrical power consumed in direct proportion to air demand. Linear load matching is achieved from 0% up to 100% demand.

Non-cycling dryers operate with the refrigeration compressor running continuously, regardless of inlet load conditions. Minimal energy savings are realized from 100% down to 0% inlet air load.

Linear Energy Savings

FLEX Series dryers automatically cycle (on /off) the refrigeration compressor in response to inlet load conditions. As the inlet air load is reduced, the power requirement to dry the air is matched in proportion to the demand. For example, at 60% inlet air load, a non-cycling dryer consumes 96% of the full load power consumption, a 4% energy savings. By comparison, at 60% inlet air load, the FLEX Series consumes only 60% of the full load power, a 40% energy savings.

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