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Damark SMC 1620 Shrink Wrap System w/ L-Bar Sealer and Power Takeaway – 053122000258A

Model STR-16 (S/N: 5185)

Model SMC-1620 (S/N: 5149)

Shrink Wrap System Features

  • Damark SMC 1620 L Bar Sealer comes with a 16” x 20” seal area.
  • Electro-magnetic hold down and air cushion return cylinder
  • Low voltage impulse type sealing system with an innovative electronic control system
  • Adjustable stainless steel product loading platform
  • Film clamp
  • One perforation roller
  • Adjustable speed product discharge conveyor in the seal area
  • Quick change film system
  • Easily adjustable for different sized rolls of film up to 20″ long.
  • controls for the machine are located on the front of the machine
  • Adjustable conveyor speed, conveyor run time, dwell time and sealing temperature.

Shrink Wrap System Specifications

  • Electrical: 110 volts, 12 amp
  • Machine Direction: Standard In-feed Is Right to Left
  • Maximum Film Width: 20” Maximum.
  • Sealing Area: 16” x 20”
  • Shipping Size: 61 lg x 33 w x 50 h, 500 lbs
  • Low Voltage Impulse Sealing System
  • Adjustable, Stainless Steel Product Loading Table
  • Film Clamps
  • Quick change roll holder system, fully adjustable for different sized rolls of film.
  • Perforator roller for air evacuation from completed package
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