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Model: CB Summit
S/N: 6716216
Gun No.: R.332

The *Patented CrystalBlast® Summit™ sandblasting cabinet is a new and different cost saving approach to standard sandcarving with the largest standard dust collector available today (220 sq.ft. cartridge filtration standard). This Mediablaster® offers an available upgrade to 440 sq.ft. cartridge filtration for increased daily duty cycle. It is available in two, (2), cabinet sizes. The standard Summit is 24” in depth and the larger Summit 3636 is 36” in depth remembering blasting outside the cabinet blasting chamber for Tapeless Part Processing is the same size on both models. The Summit sand blasting cabinet can run longer that other models because it uses a much larger dust collector.  Simply stated, it can increase daily part production as much as 40% using tapeless part processing blasting outside the blasting chamber with simple magnetically held silicon molds to process parts without any protection taping but it’s also a standard Sandcarving cabinet!

All standard sandcarving applications are possible using the front-loading, high-velocity work ports that easily convert to optional brushed port with slit-rubber sealing curtain for larger wider parts. Additionally, you can still open and use the side access door for larger parts.

The Summit also has the ability to reduce part setup and processing time on long or short part runs by using the new patented cabinet design and patented system which utilizes its special trapezoid shape to allow the operator to “Blast Outside the Box.” By using the new patented tool-less easily made mold system, or the universal diaphragm fixture plate, the operator can process the part outside the blasting chamber just after the film mask has been applied to the part – saving time by not supplying any protection taping or protection tapping removal. This new patented design also keeps the part cleaner because the part is being blasted outside the abrasive containment chamber because no abrasive ends up inside the part if it’s a liquid receiver shape.

This design helps to eliminate labor time, as much as a 40%, savings more time with reduction in operator fatigue, labor time and it’s also a standard sandcarving cabinet!

Keep your sandcarving operators happy and productive, place them in front of a new CrystalBlast Summit standard or the larger CrystalBlast Summit 3636 and your worries are greatly reduced.


Summit Std.

36″ x 24″ x 30″H
Door 15″ x 25.5″H
44″ x 44″ x 86″H 220 sq.ft. cartridge
1/2 hp 700 cfm blower
100% welded cabinet
Hopper dust storage
Pneumatic vibrator
240 mesh separator
Blower silencer
120V/60Hz/1Ph Wood Crate
756 pounds

Model Name:

Summit™ by CrystalBlast®

Machine Type:

No more protection taping, blast outside the box- 2 cabinet sizes available ­- shown with optional brushed operator port

Abrasive Delivery:

Dry, direct pressure

Air Specs:

5-12 cfm

Compressed Air Usage:

5.7 cfm @ 30 psi with standard 3/32″ nozzle ID or 8.4 cfm @ 30 psi with 1/8″ nozzle ID

Suggested Air Compressor:

We recommend a 220-volt single-phase compressor electrical power supply for operation using 3/32″ nozzle, ask for details when using 1/8″ nozzle ID. Air compressors vary greatly, check the cfm output on the compressor being used or visit Air Basics for more information on compressor selection.
Pro Tip: Never buy a compressor using the displacement cfm number, always use the second cfm volume number listed with 90-100 psi inside the tank, because increased tank pressure reduces cfm performance.

Recommended Abrasive Size:

60 to 240 mesh

Additional Abrasive Info:

Silicon carbide has lower dust levels, better visibility

Most Used Abrasive Type:

Aluminum Oxide & Silicon Carbide

Dust Collector:

700 cfm blower w/ silencer – 220 sq. ft. cartridge filter (440 optional) – hopper dust storage – pneumatic vibrator cleaning cycle – negative pressure cabinet and dust collector – maintenance access door – patented separator reclaimer 60 to 220 mesh

Key Features:

Most advanced traditional Sandcarver – the trapezoid cabinet allows blasting outside the inside cabinet using the included part vestibule – eliminates protection taping – can save 40% of the production time – uses easy customer made silicone part molds over and over again, held with patented mold magnets – all controls included – for 10-to-1000-part runs – optional feature available to include upgraded dust collector, HEPA after filtration and full front velocity slot


  • 100% welded cabinet with many patented features
  • Removable operator work ports convert to optional brushed port
  • Movable floor foot pedal with toe guard
  • ASME coded 50 lbs. capacity pressure pot with maintenance cleanout port
  • Hopper vibrator circuit for abrasive pot loading assist
  • Heavy-duty 12- and 14-gauge steel construction
  • Quick-disconnect nozzle, 3/32″ boron carbide upgrade to 1/8″
  • Blow-off gun
  • *Patented abrasive separator reclaimer down to 240 mesh
  • Dustless work area
  • Dust collector blower silencer
  • LED cabinet lighting
  • Perforated steel work grating
  • Tool-less hose, blast nozzle and window replacement
  • ClearView window with low static protector glass and window sweep
  • One 3-way valve pressurization/depressurization for quick pot loading
  • Industrial grade abrasive on-off pinch valve (high pressure/long wear)
  • Safety door interlock switch
  • Mold fixture plate, diaphragm plate and block-off plate included
  • Cabinet casters with brakes
  • Rear mounted dust collector with:
    • 220 sq.ft. certified cartridge filter standard
    • Filter cleaning pneumatic vibrator (s) circuit
    • Hopper bottom dust storage
    • 700 cfm class III blower with silencer
    • 240 mesh patented separator reclaimer
  • Flexible pot valve with spring loaded closed assembly for low pressure on-off cycle
  • Air regulator/filter and gauge
  • Front rest operator’s station
  • EasyFlex Micro abrasive inside abrasive hose

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