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Creo Proofsetter Spectrum Digital Halftone Proofing System w/ Computer – 103023320001A

Model: 512CR
S/N: 911491


Using Kodak thermal imaging technology, the Spectrum product line produces high-resolution digital halftone proofs that represent the image structure of the plates on press. Even at high linescreens, a proof imaged using the Spectrum proofing system can reproduce intricate features as well as fine highlight and shadow details. The high repeatability ensured by SQUARESPOT thermal imaging products means solid density, tone curves and color that are consistent from proof to proof and machine to machine. The accuracy and repeatability of SQUARESPOT thermal imaging products provides proofs and plates with dot-for-dot fidelity of halftone screening characteristics.

Capable of imaging 4- and 8-page proofs on the same device, the PROOFSETTER Spectrum proofing system is well suited for quick turnaround jobs and large-format proofing. Imaging the industry’s largest digital halftone proofs, the Spectrum proofing system can easily handle full flat contract proofing and oversize items such as packages and posters. With our ScatterProofing software, random proofing is simplified by automating layout-creation and image-assignment. The liberal dimensions of the proof leave ample space for bleeds, crop marks, and color bars.

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