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CP Bourg AGR 10-Bin Booklet Maker w/ Td-t Stacker, PA- t Tower Folder, and TR-t Tower Trimmer – 102122000678A

BST 10 Collator

Maximum Collator Sheet Size 20” x 13.75”
Min Collator Sheet Size 7.85” x 4.5”
C.P. Bourg has been Leading the Collating & Bookletmaking Marketplace Since 1960.
The Bourg Suction Tower (BST) is a modular, vacuum-feed, vertical collating system capable of producing more than 9,000 sets per hour. The BST is a true vacuum-feed system incorporating suction feed belts and air-blast sheet separation.
Changeover between 9lb to 10pt instantly, or collate all weights at the same time!
Nine user-programmable channels & MEMORY for quick job recall, anytime!
Control suction, air blast, transfer speeds, and other functions from the digital control panel.
Eight-part feed mechanism & four-part sheet separation process provide for complete control and NO MARKING OF STOCKS!
Advanced transfer technology eliminates the need for outdated sucker feet.
Two internal industrial turbines per tower.

TD-t Stacker

The Bourg TD-T Receding Vertical stacker provides an easy and efficient means for collecting straightest or off-set collated sets with your existing Bourg BST and BT collators.


  • Model: TD-T
  • Max. Set Size: 13″ x 18″
  • Min. Set Size: NA
  • Maximum speed: 5,500 per hr.
  • Power: 115 volt, 60 Hz
  • Length: 23.5″
  • Width: 29.5″
  • Height: 29″
  • Weight lbs.: 157

AGR Booklet Making System

  • Equipped With:
    • BST 10-d Collator
    • AGR-t Stitching Unit
    • 2 x Stitching Heads
    • PA-t Folding Unit
    • TR-t Trimmer

PA- t Tower Folder

TR-t Tower Trimmer