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Compress iUV1200s Flatbed UV Printer – 041724424001A

Model: IUV-1200s

S/N: IUV00147

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The flagship of the Compress brand printers, the iUV1200s is known to be the most versatile printer in the UV printing world. Its massive print bed is 44.8” x 26.95” and adjustable up to 11.8” deep.  The iUV1200 is often called the ‘problem solver’ for printing, if you’ve got big production, or large goods this printer is the answer to your customization needs. Create high resolution prints on anything from basketballs to poker chips. It’s even large enough for signage, prepackages goods or art prints.
  • Six independent color channels
  • 44.8″ x 29.5″ print area with 11.8″ (285mm) media height
  • WIMS white ink management onboard
  • All steel construction
  • Dual LED variable watt low heat lamps
  • Inbuilt media height detection
  • Ink mist extraction
Here’s why Depth Matters.

Because a great depth of field – or “Z” Axis as some manufacturers describe it – means you have more options. And more options in a UV printer turns it from an appliance, from a production tool, into a problem solver.

We applied the same logic to depth as we did to the print area for the iUV600s.
It wasn’t “what do people want to print and how thick is it”.

It was “How flexible can we make this machine?” “How can we free our customers to print more?” How can we make the machine get out of the creator’s way?”

So now you can print on:

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