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Collator System DC-10000S w/ Trimmer/Stitcher/Folder – 012521041400

Duplo DC 10000S Tower has Digital Controls, 10 Bins, Vacuum Feed, can handle paper size of 4.7 x 4.7 to 14 x 20 and paperweights from 11-pound to 10-point cover, allows for continuous loading while job in progress. Stitcher, folder and trimmer will take these flat sheet sets directly from collator and make booklets.


Duplo Collator S/N: 990701082

Stitcher/Folder S/N: 990801403

Trimmer S/N: 50901382

Lifting Unit S/N: 990600539


Airtech ATB7588-DU

S/N: 300392


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