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ChannelBind System 20 Document Binding Machine – 020620101735

ChannelBind System 20 Document Binding Machine

Binding Machine Description

The System 20 desktop binding machine is so simple, it is unique. It is a non-electrical unit, 17.5″ deep, 16.5″ wide, and 6.5″ high, fitting conveniently on any desktop. This unit is for higher volumes of desktop binding. The System 20 weighs approximately 50 pounds. The System 20 comes with a One Year Limited Warranty.

This unit is designed to bind documents up to 300 sheets thick of standard 20# paper, without glue, heat or the necessity of hole punching. The system simply crimps a metal channel placed in the spine of every cover, to “lock” the pages in. It is indeed this proprietary technology which makes this system stand apart from its competitors.

Most short-run binding is cumbersome and error-prone due to the number of steps involved. ChannelBind is so easy to use and fast that there are only three easy steps: Measure, Align and Bind. After a demonstration the most common response is “That’s it?” With the System 20, you can have a “Channel-bound” document in less than 15 seconds.

The System 20 is recommended for all in-house document needs, service oriented binding facilities, as well as professional applications. In the binding service industry, the speed and ease of this system far exceeds those of any competitor. It is fast (less than 15 seconds), with minimal training required (due to its simplicity).

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