Challenge RKH Single Spindle Hydraulic Paper Drill

Challenge RKH Single Spindle Hydraulic Paper Drill

S/N 48577

Paper Drill Description

A touch of the foot pedal brings the head down to the table in an effortless, powerful stroke and then releases automatically and returns to the upper position. Releasing the pedal immediately stops the downward motion of the head. A repeat stroke can be made after the foot pedal is released. You can adjust the speed of the stroke with a turn of a knob for the most efficient action. The automatic trip side guide has 7 movable stops, enough for all the standard patterns. Each time a hole is drilled, the side guide trips automatically and the pile is simply pushed to the left for the next hole. Fixed gauges can be ordered for any pattern needed and attached in minutes.

Paper Drill Specifications

Max Drill Capacity: 2″
Table Size: 19 1/2″ x 31 1/2″
Height Overall: 57 1/2″
Floor Space: 30″ x 41″ x 1/2″
Net Weight: 465 lbs

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