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Bunn TP-202 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine – 121719081720

Bunn TP-202 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

S/N 11031482

Strapping Machine Description

TP-202 is an affordable and compact semi-auto strapping machine. It is designed for general purposes and can meet various requirements. With tens of thousands of machines exported to the world every year, the quality of TP-202 is highly accepted and that is why we call this machine Mr. Reliable.

Strapping Machine Features

High engineering standard and simple design
Easy operation, simple maintenance
Hinged stainless steel top plate
Mechanical outside tension control
Rigid castors with brake
Energy efficient, motor only runs as needed
Reliable P.C. Board control
Affordable for every budget
Offer maximum total value among competing brands
Proven quality

Strapping Machine Specifications

Strap Width 6 mm – 15.5 mm
Tension Range 15 kg – 45 kg
Net Weight 85 kg
Electrical Requirements 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz 1PH

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